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The meliponines, stingless honey-making bees, encircle the tropical world and penetrate every forest there. This book brings together and synthesizes, on a global scale and for the first time, information on these bees as honey producers and natural alchemists. These little known and often rare denizens of remote reaches of the globe have found a way to produce honey and survive in the permanently wet and unforgiving rain forests, since before the continents of Africa and South America split apart million years ago. In Australia, we find them equipped to survive in cold deserts, and in the Amazon some feed within the nests of other social bees, utilize flesh of dead animals, or even live among scale bugs that give them food and building material. Some are obligate parasites, stealing the brood food from inside nests of other meliponines.

Amazon continues to burn in 2020 despite promises to save it

Amazon continues to burn in despite promises to save it | CTV News

Stocks rise for a third straight session after strong earnings, Alphabet reaches record high. The report, filed in early , detailed resource calculations and preliminary economic studies for the project. Work now continues on completion of environmental and engineering studies in order to apply for a full Mining License. Mineralogical studies indicated that the sample is dominated by titanium-rich magnetite making up

Lara Exploration Ltd.: Curionópolis and Itaituba Iron Project Updates, Brazil

The Associated Press Staff. Experts say the blazes are pushing the world's largest rainforest toward a tipping point, after which it will cease to generate enough rainfall to sustain itself. This year, President Jair Bolsonaro pledged to control the burning -- typically started by local farmers to clear land for cattle or to grow soybeans, one of Brazil's top exports. He imposed a four-month ban on most fires and sent in the army to prevent and battle blazes. But this week the smoke is again so thick around Novo Progresso that police have reported motorists have crashed because they can't see.
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