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When I walk into a local bar or cafe here, between the hours of 5 and 7pm, the whole place is packed with everyone chowing down on heaping plates of Caracois. It may look like an enormous amount but these Portuguese snails are much smaller than their known French cousins. The tradition of eating Caracois in the summer originated in the southerly Portuguese region of Alentejo , with influence from the Andalucia region in southern Spain. Both of these regions get extremely hot in the summer but also have the humidity that promotes snail growth, and these snails are harvested throughout the season until their supplies dry out.

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By Catarina Demony. He bought a farm, married the love of his life and grew a vegetable garden. Then he started running out of water. He, and some environmentalists, blame an avocado production boom in recent years for mopping up already scarce water as a drought linked to climate change blights the area. Plantations of the fruit cover some 1, hectares 3, acres , nearly double the area in

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My partner and I have just returned from a weeks holiday in the algarve staying in Albufeira in a lovely hotel Paraiso. However we both wish future travellers to be aware of certain scams that are running at the resort.. One lovely sunny morning whilst walking along the Strip , a place where there are many shops, bars and restuarants, we were approached by a friendly woman who wished us to participate in a survey about Portugal.
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