Plastic raincoat fetish stories

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Sarah's Raincoat

The Blue Raincoat | Your Erotic Stories

Paul is employed as a junior lawyer working there for 2 years now and sharing the open plan office with Mr. So Sally, the new girl, fronted up for duty promptly at on Monday morning, Paul was early as usual so he was already at his desk when she walked in. Chambers passing away last month it must be a great loss to the company. Rowe of course is very distressed and has mentioned that he will downsize the business somewhat, but we are all safe with our jobs for the time being at least thank goodness.

Sister in law in PVC mac - part 3

Sarah, a woman in her mid twenties loved to keep fit, partly for maintaining good health but mostly to maintain her trim figure. Any opportunity to exercise was not missed and her lunchtimes from work almost always involved a brisk walk around the local shopping centre. She wouldn't loiter at the shop windows so as not to break her walking rhythm; however there was just one shop window where she would occasionally pause to check out the display. The shop was a high end ladies fashion outlet for a major Italian fashion chain and often had very beautiful garments on display. Sarah's employment involved looking after files and documentation for the local solicitor, the wages were quite low, just above the minimum wage for the position, but she was happy enough to have a steady reliable job.
Plastic was the ultimate Viagra and I hadn't had any trouble performing again — and again, much to Joanne's delighted pleasure and approval. She was still as tightly enclosed as ever inside her plastic bodysuit although I could hardly see her breasts because of the sweaty condensation forming inside. It was somewhat uncomfortably clammy now although I definitely wasn't complaining! Joanne nodded.