Oral chemotherapy treatment

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There are more than types of chemotherapy drugs in various forms. Oral chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses powerful drugs taken by mouth to kill cancer cells or slow their growth. Most chemo treatments are taken orally capsule, liquid or tablet or directly into the bloodstream via an IV intravenous chemotherapy, or IV chemotherapy. Oral chemotherapy treatments can be just as effective as intravenous chemotherapy treatments. However, not all chemotherapy drugs can be taken orally because they are unable to be absorbed by the stomach.

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Over the past 20 years, more than 50 new oral anticancer medications OAMs have become available to treat many different cancers, including lung, leukemia, colorectal, kidney, and prostate. Cancer treatment is always evolving, with new techniques regularly being approved. Oral chemotherapy is a relatively recent development that makes treatment more convenient for eligible patients by allowing them to take medication at home. A study by several Fox Chase Cancer Center physicians showed that both providers and patients face barriers to starting oral chemotherapy when it comes to insurance.

Oral Chemotherapy

The increase in oral chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer offers many patients a more convenient and less invasive treatment option compared with intravenous IV therapy administered in a clinical setting. Oral chemotherapy offers several advantages over the parenteral route. Among the biggest advantages are patient convenience and flexibility in timing and location of administration.
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