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Abstract: This study explains the condition of women street vending as a business that is capable of enhancing and strengthening the economic status of women in a family, but on the other hand, as a way that promotes prostitution. The approach used in this study is the ethnographic approach that seeks to understand the emic and the ethics of the research subjects. Finally, it can be understood that the prostitutes do not have the "Siri" shame values in their life, which is an institutionalized culture in society of Buginese and Makassarese. Keywords: Business administration, prostitution, street vending, warung remang, women as business-people.. Que es una cultura institucionalizada en la sociedad de Buginese y Makassarese. The research on gender and women has been covered in social studies for decades such as Sajogyo, Oey, Cander, Annamarawati, and all other researchers; the scholars substantially concluded the urgency of the role of women and the danger of violence in the lives of domestic life and women in public Ismail:

The Sa’dan-Toraja

Social and Economic Challenge on Street Vending and Prostitution of Women

Very good coffee. You can find a lot of coffee places in Makassar, but Toko Ujung is probably the best I found. Small shop, few tables and chairs but very good coffee. We all who lived in makassar always know that if you ask us "where do you recommend for coffee shop" the answer always is "kopi ujung". They have so many beans for you to taste with espresso based or filter My favourite? They homeblend espresso.. It takes approximately 21h 2m to get from Athens to Makassar, including transfers.

The Malayan term trepang describes a variety of edible holothurians commonly known as sea cucumbers. Although found in temperate and tropical marine waters all over the world, the centre of species diversity and abundance are the shallow coastal waters of Island Southeast Asia. For at least years, trepang has been a highly priced commodity in the Chinese market. Originally, its fishing and trade was a specialized business, centred on the town of Makassar in South Sulawesi Indonesia. The rise of trepang fishing in the 17 th century added valuable export merchandize to the rich shallow seas surrounding the islands of Southeast Asia.
It is the largest city in the region of Eastern Indonesia and the country's fifth-largest urban center after Jakarta , Surabaya , Bandung , and Medan. Makassar is not only the gateway of Eastern Indonesia, but also the epicenter of West and East Indonesia, as well as between Australia and Asia. Throughout its history, Makassar has been an important trading port, hosting the center of the Gowa Sultanate and a Portuguese naval base before its conquest by the Dutch East India Company in the 17th century.