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Metrics details. Understory plants represents the largest component of biodiversity in most forest ecosystems and plays a key role in forest functioning. Despite their importance, the influence of overstory-layer composition on understory plant diversity is relatively poorly understood within deciduous-evergreen broadleaved mixed forests. The aim of this work was to evaluate how tree overstory-layer composition influences on understory-layer diversity in three forest types monospecific deciduous Nothofagus pumilio Np , monospecific evergreen Nothofagus betuloides Nb , and mixed N. We recorded 46 plant species: 4 ferns, 12 monocots, and 30 dicots.

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Canopy photosynthesis is the integrated contribution of carbon gains of all leaves forming the canopy. As the simplest form of integration, canopy photosynthesis is given as the product of the number of leaves and the average leaf net assimilation rate. Although numerically correct, such calculation is wholly impractical as typical moderately dense broad-leaved plant stands contain thousands and conifer stands contain tens to hundreds of thousands of leaves per m 2 ground area. Furthermore, there are major environmental gradients, in particular, gradients in light, temperature and humidity, from canopy top to bottom for reviews, see Valladares , Niinemets and Anten , such that individual leaves are exposed to vastly different environmental conditions.
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