Hustler music hidden message

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Although popular it failed to live up on the Billboard chart to other singles put out by Lil Wayne. The song received airplay on East Coast radio stations and moderate airplay elsewhere, and a music video was also shot for it which also received moderate airplay. Lil Wayne has stated that this was one of his favorite songs he ever recorded. A remix was made sampling Anita Baker 's "Mystery".

Hustler Musik

Lil' Wayne Hustler Musik(Hidden Message)

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Message of musik hustler lyrics in hidden with you

Description: Hit me, right in the sternum this time t baby. You already know, you already know, you already know. Jun 20, - and I think its just a concidence that was said in there the backwards part I dont believe is it sending a secret message. Now about the lyric 'I. Home Super girls All Video and Pictures.
Hidden message in lyrics of hustler musik. CD single Digital download. As the news was confirmed that Hovi was in fact coming home with a new LP, titled 4: Some weird stuff when you listen to it backwards.