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It is a free database bursting its seams with thousands of user-submitted sex stories covering a wide range of topics from BDSM to lesbian sex. Some stories even veer into the supernatural and highly taboo, and users can easily submit their stories. It is a fantastic way to explore any fantasies. The archives go back over 25 years and with so many unique authors lending their voices the result is a ton of unique stories that has something for every homosexual.

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While fap footage presented in the traditional, multimedia form is most excellent, there are some ways in which written smut is even better. After all, with erotic literature, you can insert little details and nuances into the story with your own imagination. Or at least you can with well-written literotica. Good erotic literature has enough detail to hold your interest yet leaves a few aspects of the story open to the machinations of your own creativity to fill in certain holes, so to speak.