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There are two segments to the New Jersey black bear hunting season: Segment A in October, with the first three days for archery only; the final three days for both archery and muzzleloading rifle hunters. Segment B is for firearms only and is held concurrently with the Six-day Firearm Deer Season in December; the season will be extended the following week if harvest objectives are not met. Participants are required to have a Black Bear Hunting Permit for the zone s they hunt in and a valid NJ hunting license. Five bear hunting zones are open to hunting; hunters are restricted to hunting only in the zone s for which they possess a permit. Hunters may possess permits for two separate zones. Permits are valid for the entire season Segments A and B.

Bear Hunting In Colorado

Bear Hunting In Colorado | Bear Smart Durango

Previously regarded as pests, black bears in Colorado were declared a game animal in and afforded protection under state hunting regulations. Black bears are pursued in all manner of take: rifle, archery equipment and black powder. The bear hunting season runs from the first week of September to the second week of November. Colorado Parks and Wildlife requires that all hunter-killed bears be presented to wildlife officers within five days and data on age, sex and location of where the bear was killed is collected. This is an effort to monitor the number of bears killed, and the age, sex of animals taken by hunting. A small tooth is removed to determine age and how many times a female has given birth.

Tennessee Bear Season Regulations and Information

Hunting regulations — important information on rules, regulations and season dates for hunting black bears in Arizona. Tag Required : To hunt black bear in Arizona, you need a valid hunting license and a black bear tag. For most black bear hunts, a nonpermit-tag can be obtained from a license dealer. For some spring black bear hunts, a permit-tag is required.
Bear hunting is not permitted in bear reserves unless a special exception is provided by proclamation. Appalachian Population: Including the Tennessee portion of the GSMNP, Bear Reserves totaling over , acres have without a doubt played a significant role in the recovery of bear numbers in the Appalachian Population. Skip to Main Content.