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South America and the Organ - University at Albany A small developer can get architecturally approved plans for a good-looking building immediately. The plans reminded some of the jurors of the sears roebuck houses, which were built across america from to Like the sears houses of a century ago, a pattern zone is a practical and economical idea for small-scale infill development today. For example, a foot-wide arch opening means a foot wing on one side of the arch and a foot wing on the rigging side of the arch.

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T he following is a list of references I found useful in designing and building my organ:. Most of the books can be found in the OHS Catalog. The Wicks and the Audsley books have the most practical information for the amateur organ builder. Organ Building References T he following is a list of references I found useful in designing and building my organ: Websites Laukhuff Orgelteile and Orgelbau - This is a very comprehensive organ building catalog with lots of great pictures of all the components of a mechanical action organ. They also give scales for all the varieties of pipes. These are the pipe scales I used for my organ.

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The building and restoration of pipe organs mainly in churches , including tuning and maintenance. The craft of organ building in the UK stretches back hundreds of years, peaking in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The craft has been influenced by European styles over the centuries. The profession encompasses a broad range of specialist skills in wood-, metal- and leather-work, alongside those required for the voicing and tuning of pipework and the designing of new instruments.