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Charlotte is a woman in her twenties, married to Pierre, an affluent man in his later thirties or forties. Pierre's passion is flying, and he flies his own private plane, after previously having been an air force pilot. Pierre has a young son, Nicolas, from his first marriage, which dissolved when his wife left him for another man. Pierre, Charlotte, and Nicolas live together in a modern apartment outside Paris.

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Watch the video. Irene is a young housewife and mother who tries to raise her young family, love her husband and keep her home all the while studying her masters' degree. Mario, her husband, is a good man, but he's tied by convention. When she has a strange mishap one day, her domestic life is catapulted in a whirl of horror and violence that will tear the fabric of her very existence apart. Written by M Cane. Sign In.

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Ingmar Bergman's "Fanny and Alexander" was intended to be his last film, and in it, he tends to the business of being young, of being middle-aged, of being old, of being a man, woman, Christian, Jew, sane, crazy, rich, poor, religious, profane. He creates a world in which the utmost certainty exists side by side with ghosts and magic, and a gallery of characters who are unforgettable in their peculiarities. Small wonder one of his inspirations was Dickens. It is , in an unnamed Swedish town. The movie plunges into the Christmas Eve celebration of an enormous family, introducing the characters on the fly as they talk, drink, flirt and plot.
This movie is a small but valuable discovery, a mystery that turns into an exploration of loneliness and love. If I seem to be telling you too much of the story, don't be alarmed. The mystery element is over in 20 minutes, and serves only to set up a much deeper, more startling story. She takes a train ride to nowhere in particular. On the train, she meets a married couple.