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Male fertility is evaluated via semen analysis. Abnormalities in shape make it more difficult for sperm to penetrate and fertilize an egg. Sperm morphology alone does not determine whether or not a man can father a child. In fact, a study done by Kovac et. Since many of the factors that can impair male fertility are fixable, sperm morphology can be improved without medications.

Sperm Morphology (Shape): Does It Affect Fertility?

Sperm Morphology (Shape): Does It Affect Fertility?

Lombard, Alex M. Wetzels, Chris M. Thomas, Hans M. In this study, the semen analysis results of a fertile population were compared with those from a subfertile population, in order to establish normal cut-off values for the standard semen parameters with the aid of receiver operating characteristic ROC curve analysis.

Understanding Sperm Morphology

Sperm morphology refers to the size and shape of individual sperm. It is one of, but by no means the only, contributing factor to male fertility. Abnormalities in sperm size and shape can occur in the head, midpiece, or tail. Doctors usually assess sperm morphology during a general semen analysis or fertility test.
Sperm morphology — the size and shape of sperm — is one factor that's examined as part of a semen analysis to evaluate male infertility. Sperm morphology results are reported as the percentage of sperm that appear normal when semen is viewed under a microscope. Normal sperm have an oval head with a long tail.