Naked freedom and nude freedom

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Our attitudes towards nudity can reveal a lot about our comfort with our bodies, whether we hurriedly get changed in the gym so no one can see our tums or use our weekends to wander around entirely free of clothing. In a time of comparison and intense nitpicking of every part of our bods, it might be wise for us to get a little more comfortable with being naked. Not just so we can learn to feel our legs wobble and see our stomach bulge, but so that we can show other people that their bodies are worth celebrating, too. As a fashion photographer, Amelia is embedded in an industry obsessed with perfection and rigid definitions of beauty.


Civil liberties campaigners are preparing to legally fight San Francisco's ban on public nudity. Does the US Constitution guarantee the right to walk the streets naked? No sooner had San Francisco's lawmakers voted to ban nakedness in public places than a lawsuit was filed. It argued that the free speech of nudists was being restricted. It's a dispute that typifies the famously liberal city, but it also reveals much about the importance of freedom of expression to Americans.
Many liberal democracies have legal restrictions on nudism. This article argues that when public nudity does not pose a health threat which it seldom does , such restrictions are unjust. To vindicate this claim, I start by showing that there are two weighty interests served by the freedom to be naked in public. First, it promotes individual well-being; not only can nudist activities have great recreational value, recent studies have found that exposure to non-idealised naked bodies has a positive impact on body image, and, ultimately, on life satisfaction.