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From the simple to the complex. Experienced, knowledgeable, expert physicians with a collaborative approach. We see patients of all ages with musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, including congenital deformities in children , soft tissue injuries in athletes , and osteoarthritis in adults. We offer sub-specialized orthopedic services unavailable elsewhere in Central New York such as the only orthopedic oncology specialist for the treatment of bone cancer, and the only pediatric orthopedic surgeons in the region.

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New York Synkinesis, Synkinetic Paralysis, Treatment, Symptoms

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The term synkinesis means "simultaneous movement" and is a form of facial paralysis. When the facial nerve is damaged, nerve branches can, in effect, be miswired either from faulty regeneration or when being sewn together to repair nerve damage. Facial nerve fibers which reconnect to the wrong nerve groups can trigger involuntary and unwanted muscle movement. As a result, separate muscle groups which would normally function independently will move simultaneously.
For more information on eligibility, see Coordinated Assessment FAQs. In the future, CoC hopes to additionally offer coordinated access to homeless shelters and transitional living programs, as well as to supportive housing for people who are about to become homeless or are recently homeless. Access points are locations where people who are homeless can complete the coordinated assessment intake (VI-SPDAT). These locations include homeless shelters and other community agencies that provide housing information and homeless services. Two local access points are: HomeFirst Boccardo Reception Center Telephone : 408-294-2100 Address: 2011 Little Orchard Street, San Jose, CA 95121.