Orgasm after birth

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Whether you give birth vaginally or your baby enters the world via C-section , childbirth can throw your sex life for a loop. From milk leakage to vaginal tightness, they did not hesitate to go there. While it's one thing to have experts share their thoughts, it's a whole other one to get input from real women. So, in an effort to give as many new moms as possible some "you're totally normal" reassurance, eight women share how sex changed after they gave birth. That is, until I resumed afterbirth bleeding for a ridiculous eight additional weeks.

The Truth About Postpartum Orgasms

I had sex 4 weeks after giving birth

By Erica Moore July 24, Although labour was an insane thirty-six hours, with an epidural that ONLY froze my legs thank you, modern science , my vagina somehow came out of it relatively unscathed. Three-days postpartum, I went for a walk around the block. One-week postpartum, I took a longer stroll through the park. Two-weeks postpartum, I laced up my running shoes for a five-kilometre walk with the stroller. By week three, I felt ready to party again. I purchased a chocolate bar and some cleaning products too, to make my checkout a little less awkward for everyone involved.

Vaginal Changes After Childbirth

Vaginal changes after childbirth can cause a number of challenges for new moms. After all, giving birth basically means pushing a head the size of a cabbage through a tiny pinhole. We hope they give you a better understanding of what you can expect after having a baby. Higher estrogen levels help keep your vagina moist, but after you give birth those level drop, which can lead to dryness.
Not registered? Register here. But doctors give the okay to get back on the horse so to speak six weeks postpartum — and that seemed like an eternity.