Gourds die before mature

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I am so easy to grow, plant me on a mound or small hill where I will have a lot of room, tons of sunlight then leave me alone and I will do great. At the end of the season, dry the gourds in the sun. When they are dry, give them a good cleaning, and use sandpaper on the outside surface. Have an adult help you create a hole and use a knife to remove all my seeds. Paint me, and hang me from a branch to give a bird a new home.

Amish Gourds

Gordy the Gourd

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Grow Your Own Birdhouses with These Decorative Gourds

One plant that I always make room for in my garden is the gourd vine. Like moonflowers and morning glories this rapidly growing, sprawling vine is perfect for summer interest. Grown on fences or trellises gourds produce large leaves, yellow or white flowers and, of course, funky shaped fruits. This year I planted bird house gourds Lagenaria sicerana. These are the type that look like they have been squeezed in the middle creating bulbous ends.
The following are a few tips as to how to grow gourds. Although the information is intended for 'birdhouse gourds', Lagenaria , the basic information will work for just about any type of gourd or vine plant. First, there are a few basic requirements that must be met before attempting to grow gourds of any kind with any real success.