Wife gets orgasm everyday

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Art by Neka King. Listen to your body! The assumption here is that our bodies will tell us the truth. Instead of bringing her closer to people, her body often leads her into danger — and makes her feel dangerous herself. As a kid, Angie hated a lot of things.

The multiple orgasm: Does it exist and who knows for sure?

The multiple orgasm: Does it exist and who knows for sure?

It reads more like the title of a film on YouPorn than the start of an article about a debilitating medical condition. More often than not, PGAD sufferers are treated as hypersexual oddities. But PGAD actually has very little to do with orgasms, and absolutely nothing to do with pleasure. The condition, largely suffered by women, is characterised by an implacable feeling of genital congestion and pelvic pain.

10 Reasons You're Having Trouble Reaching Orgasm

There will be a man and a woman and they are having sex. Up against a wall, in a bed, in a car, anywhere. Vertically, horizontally. Clothed or unclothed.
Like most people, I always want to improve my health and wellbeing. When you orgasm, your body releases the hormone oxytocin into the bloodstream. I resolved to orgasm every day for a year.