Why do girls suck

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First, let me get this straight. I am a real live woman. Not to play into stereotypes here, but I need you to understand—I am a real woman probably similar to many if not most of the women reading this. But in my life, I have learned the hard way that women are the worst.

Why Girls Suck (As Told By A Girl)

10 Women Reveal Why They Love Going Down on You - Maxim

As the proud owner of a penis, you already know that blowjobs are amazing. But as much as you love being on the receiving end, did you know that a lot of women absolutely adore going down on you? Why not suck some dick here and there and make each other happy? Christ hell.

10 Women Reveal Why They Love Going Down on You

Every partner enjoys a blowjob, obviously if done correctly. Very few with horrible memories will brush aside a chance to get a good oral sex. Be it the nervousness of a first timer or empowering feeling of an established partner, bare dick or with flavoured condoms, the excitement of oral sex is definitely a memory to cherish.
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