Under chin facial hairs

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Ah, chin hair. Most people - that's both men and women - will grow the occasional unexpected strand in all kinds of areas on their body without it becoming a cause for concern. It's totally normal. This can involve a single or multiple areas, such as moustache and beard area, chest, lower abdomen, back and inner thighs," explains Elizabeth May, an expert from the Private Skin Laser Clinic in Hampstead. So why exactly does excessive hair growth happen? Sound familiar?

Causes of Chin Hairs

Chin hair in women happens. Here, the causes and solutions | Well+Good

Hair is a distinct part of what makes us unique, just like our skin and eye color. Some of us have more hair than others, including facial hair. A complex interplay of genetics and hormones decides the type, amount, and even how hair grows. A few random hairs on the chin and neck popping up along with peach fuzz is routine and often related to hormonal changes our body cycles through over our lifetime.

Why Chin and Neck Hairs Happen

You're up close and personal with a magnifying mirror doing your weekly eyebrow cleanup when you start surveying the rest of your face. You spot some surprise little visitors on your chin. Sure, you can pluck 'em. But now you're thinking, Should I be worried?
Of all the beauty treatments out there, removing your facial hair is one of the least pleasant activities. But de-fuzzing your lip, brows, or chin doesn't have to be difficult or super painful. Facial skin is delicate and often the first thing people see!