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Was the system of indentured Indian labour "a new system of slavery"? The answer would depend on how the reader defines the word "slavery. The men were imprisoned and assigned to hard labour, where most of them died, while the conquerors absorbed the female population. In more recent times, one tends to think of slavery in terms of the capture of people from West Africa who were taken by slave-traders to America or elsewhere. These slaves were tied, chained or even yoked to wooden poles and taken against their will to boats where they were herded together like cattle and then transported across the sea.

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Indenture: A new system of slavery? | South African History Online

The peoples of Persia were forbidden by law to nominate a King unless he was a person well instructed in the Art of magic. Those of Bernia elected for their King the man who even in sleep showed himself to them with open hands, said Gastone Moncada. Now we pass to the second King. That is how things go in this black Ethiopia, and these are their customs. I say that it will appear in the Heart, the face, the voice, in pallor, but also that it will appear in works, and will not cease until it sees itself entirely vindicated. He kept a great number of concubines according to the Ethiopian custom, by whom he had several children, from whom are derived the various Houses that exist in the Kingdom.

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