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A man has shared his pain after discovering that his wife doesn't want to have children with him, but wants to use a sperm donor instead. When you agree to marry someone it's likely you'll have had a discussion about your future together at one point or another. Typically this conversation might include the topic of children and how many you want, when you want to have them But one couple clearly didn't get the memo about this important chat and now, after three years of marriage , they're having a pretty difficult time wrapping their heads around what the other person wants. In this case, what the wife wants is to use a sperm donor to have children because she doesn't think her husband is "attractive" enough. Her husband has taken to Reddit to share his shock upon discovering this.

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Sperm donation

It is more common than you think for a wife to give her blessing for her husband to become a sperm donor. Most people would think that in a conventional marriage there is no way a guy could go along donating sperm to single women and lesbian couples without there being some marital issues or the husband leading a double life. A considerable amount of men now donate sperm with their wife's full consent and blessing.
Sperm donation is the provision by a man of his sperm with the intention that it be used in the artificial insemination or other 'fertility treatment' of a woman or women who are not his sexual partners in order that they may become pregnant by him. The man is known as a 'sperm donor' and the sperm he provides is known as 'donor sperm' because the intention is that the man will give up all legal rights to any child produced from his sperm, and will not be the legal father. However conception is achieved, the nature and course of the pregnancy will be the same as one achieved by sexual intercourse, and the sperm donor will be the biological father of every child born from his donations.