Sex after vasectomy how soon

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Wondering what your sexual experience will be post-vasectomy? The following article discusses what you need to know about having sex after your vasectomy. NorCalVas offers safe and highly effective no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy procedures to the Elk Grove, Redding, Scotts Valley, and Sacramento communities. While vasectomies do not influence sex drive, sexual functioning, or sexual performance, fully healing before engaging in sex acts is highly important. It is also critically important to remember that sterility does not occur for roughly three months and after approximately 20 ejaculations. Here is what you should know about sex after a vasectomy.

How Soon Can You Resume Intercourse Post-Vasectomy?

Sex After Vasectomy: What to Expect

Ahhh, the vasectomy. But to some, it sounds more like a disturbing dissection of the family jewels. Will it be different? Will it be painful? Most importantly, when can you actually get back in the sack? A vasectomy is a safe, reliable, and permanent form of male birth control. The short answer: about 2 weeks after your vasectomy.

How Soon Can I Have Sex After a Vasectomy?

You can have sex again as soon as it is comfortable to do so, although it is best to wait for a couple of days. However, you will still have sperm in your semen immediately after the operation, as it takes time to clear the remaining sperm in your tubes. It takes an average of ejaculations to clear the tubes of sperm completely.
Doctors would like to differ. They only recommend waiting for a week before having sex once you have undergone the vasectomy surgery. Nonetheless, the effect on your sterility will be complete only after three months. To keep a check with sterility and progress, you need to be in touch with your doctor.