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The Saints are now national celebrities living large in Stilwater. On a new mission to secure organized crime in Steelport, the Saints must take down three separate Syndicate gangs: the Morning Star, the Luchadores, and the Deckers. But watch your step — In Saints Row: The Third, your interaction with one gang will affect your relationships with the others. As you explore the open world environment of Steelport, choose to play through the main story or side missions.

Testicular Assault

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The basic melee attack with most weapons is an attack to the groin. The only two weapons that cannot be used to perform a Testicular Assault are the Apoca-Fists , which explode the victims; and the Woodsman , which uses a custom animation of cutting the enemy in half. Testicular Assault is performed by pressing the Melee button while in the melee range of an enemy. Performing this move as a killing blow on a male enemy gang member, the player can earn respect through "Testicular Manslaughter". It can be stacked 9 times in a row to earn maximum respect from the Testicular Manslaughter Diversion. Despite the name, a Testicular Assault can be performed on both males and females, however, attacking females does not trigger the Testicular Manslaughter diversion.

Saints Row: The Third

They played. Follow the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy on tumblr for hilarious photos, updates and behind the scenes action! Click here for the link. You can view cool images from Shaun of. This time, NetherRealm announced that female magician Zatanna will be joining the cast.
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