Russian virginity test

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By Will Stewart for MailOnline. A row has erupted in Russia after doctors were instructed to perform virginity checks on underage schoolgirls. Doctors have begun implementing an order from the Russian Investigative Committee - seen as the equivalent of the FBI - demanding that all medical evidence of sex involving girls under the age of 16 should be reported to the police. The edict has led to an angry backlash with claims that girls will avoid going to clinics even when they have sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancies. Russia's health ministry has joined newspapers and social media in lashing out at the virginity checks for young girls.

The shame of Afghanistan's virginity tests

a virginity test - Translation into Russian - examples English | Reverso Context

I used to have a good life. But now everything has changed for me. Neda sits on a threadbare Afghan rug. A shy 18 year old from Bamiyan in central Afghanistan, she adjusts her headscarf as she recalls the day doctors forcibly subjected her to an intimate and degrading "virginity test". It was and she had just finished a late-night theatre rehearsal.

In Tajikistan, Women Often Must ‘Prove’ Their Virginity. Our Correspondent Took The Test Herself

By Will Stewart. February 20, pm Updated February 20, pm. Thousands of girls and young women in Russia are selling their virginity after finding rich lovers online, according to a new report. Networks of specialist dealers and scouts actively recruit virgins and link them to wealthy businessmen, taking a slice of fees which can range between a few hundred and tens of thousands of dollars.
The test usually starts with a request from the prospective groom and his parents. No scientific basis exists for this test. In , the latest year for which data is available, about women applied for a virginity certificate from the Center, the only institution that issues such documents. Most often, the procedure is carried out before a wedding. Most of the individuals interviewed for this article agreed to speak about the tests only on condition of anonymity or if their full names were concealed.