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You may submit photos of yourself, partner, or other individuals of your choosing. Please submit your photos by email quickest way to photomatch seattlespermbank. Our staff will use the photos you send and review recent adult photographs, not available to the public, of our donors to select the donor s who most resemble your photos. If there is no clear match between your photos and those of your selected donors, we will suggest other donors who may be a better match. We usually have results for you within three business days.

Ivy League sperm: Do you have it?

Lifetime and Adult Sperm Donor Photos | Fairfax Cryobank

Fairfax Cryobank is operating and available to answer questions! Call to order vials and receive 3 months of free storage! All donors have a childhood photo, but Adult and Lifetime photos help further guide your narrowing down the process when selecting a donor. When available for certain donors, review these snapshots to get a glimpse into the donor at childhood, adolescence, and current times. These photos help you decide which sperm donor is the ideal match, based off physical characteristics that might look similar to your partner, friend, celebrity, or family member. From the hair color, height, skin tone and more, these photos also help you visually imagine your future offspring throughout childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

175 Sperm Donation Premium High Res Photos

Capitol Attack Stimulus Checks. Now that fertility treatments have become big business, sperm banks have become very discriminating. Harvard accepts about nine percent of applicants. One big sperm bank says it takes donations from fewer than one percent of its 18, applicants. Talk about swimming upstream.
Home Database. Since the moment we were founded, our aim has been to help couples who want to have a child but fail to achieve pregnancy because of infertility. Our egg donation program and a sperm donor database is a gleam of hope for those who want to fulfill their dream of having a family despite fertility issues.