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A leaked cache of secret Chinese Government documents reveals how authorities in Xinjiang red-flagged 23 Australian citizens during a security crackdown that consigned tens of thousands of people to arbitrary detention and mass indoctrination. The documents tell how the Australian citizens were identified among 75 people from China's Muslim minorities who were singled out in the surveillance sweep because of their passports. While the fate of the Australians is unknown, the confidential report instructs public security officials to deport or detain those foreign passport holders for whom "suspected terrorism cannot be ruled out". The documents dating from are part of a collection of highly classified Chinese Government papers.

Non subscription online dating in Hailun

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For example:. Adhere to the comprehensive combination of personnel defense and technological defense to strictly implement measures meeting requirements to prevent escape, noise, earthquakes, fire, and epidemics. It is strictly forbidden for police to enter the student zone with guns, and they most never allow escapes, never allow trouble, never allow attacks on staff, never allow abnormal deaths, never allow food and safety incidents and major epidemics, and they must ensure the training center is absolutely safe and free of risk. The ICJI writes that the app allows smartphone users to send videos, photos, and other files without being connected to the web.

Leaked: How Chinese Use AI, Apps for Mass Incarceration, Internment

Metrics details. Despite economic growth and improved health outcomes over the past few decades, China still experiences striking urban-rural health inequalities. Urban and rural residents distinguished by the hukou system may experience profound disparities because of institutional effect. The aim of this study is to estimate trends in urban-rural disparities in self-care, outpatient care, and inpatient care utilization from a perspective of the hukou system. We used the hukou system to distinguish between urban and rural residents.
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