Nicki manaj freaky girl

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Oh I get it oh okay niggas tryna niggas tryna tryna be on some slick. Shit how you gone do a freaky girl song and not include nicki minaj. I mean come on now you know my fuckin name "let's get it". Shes a very freaky girl don't bring her to mamma.

Freaky Gurl

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I mean come on now, you know my fuckin' name, let's get it. How bout I cum all on your dick and then I lick it off? I mean it's something so funny when it get soft I like to play with it, squeeze it like a stress ball He say he like to hear the sound of me slurpin' it Turn off his phone cause them hoes keep churpin' it Tell me that I get the fattest pussy in the whole world And if I let him eat it, I can be his ol' girl Fuck I look like turning down some head? I mean that's sorta like a bird turning down some bread? You can eat it like a treat, you can squirt it, you can skeet I'm a freak, I love to beat, just don't get none in my sheets Every time I pop the coochie, Gucci start chokin' me Now I'm kinda scared I got a feelin' Gucci stalkin' me Sex game kinky, niggas call me Pinky Fuck with presidents, I am Nicki Lewinsky.

Freaky Girl (feat. Lil Kim)

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