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THE Miller Brewing Company is making an abrupt about-face by unceremoniously ending a campaign for the flagging Miller Lite beer brand. The campaign generated contentious debate over its unconventional content, which attempted to appeal to younger consumers with offbeat entertainment rather than product pitches. The replacement campaign for Miller Lite -- still Miller's largest brand despite sales softness -- begins today with commercials taking a more traditional, broadly directed and product-oriented approach. Rooney declared, ''one day at a time, one step at a time, based on a product proposition. Indeed, the new spots evoke the brand's popular, product-fixated ''debate'' campaign of the 's and 's, when celebrities pretended to argue over whether they liked Miller Lite because it ''tastes great'' or because it was ''less filling.

Miller's Attempt to Woo Cool Drinkers Fails to Win Over Twentysomethings

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Some ad campaigns fail. Some do so quietly. Others fall to earth with a resounding thud that ripples across time and space. It was theater of the insipid, but those monosyllabic frogs not only sold truckloads of beer, but t-shirts and golf visors, too. Generation X required something outlandish and counter-culture.

They’re All-Stars at Play : The Mood Is Light; The Product Is Lite; Results Are Heavy

PIctured above: An advertising genius… and one green knit hat away from a member of the Monkees. At some point during that game, a one minute ad for Miller Lite beer came on. Little did I realize at the time that I was witnessing the genesis of what is literally one of my favorite forgotten ad campaigns of all time…. The story behind their creation was just as messed up and bizarre as the actual commercials themselves were.
It was late , and frustrated Miller Brewing Co. Miller hadn't had a memorable advertising campaign for Miller Lite, its biggest seller, since "Tastes Great Less Filling" fizzled in the mids. If only it could generate enough buzz to drown out all that croaking. Success hinged on appealing to the to year-olds whose beer drinking drives the market.