Lupin nudist resort

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When you visit Lupin and stand in the nude, overlooking the breath-taking mountain vistas of the Santa Cruz Redwoods, nature will touch all your senses. You will find a superb micro-climate that is conveniently located 15 minutes from Los Gatos in a secluded, gated location that ensures privacy. Enjoy the refreshing waters of the pool and hot tub. Activity oriented people will enjoy nude nature hikes on wooded acres with many mountain trails, or a game of volleyball or tennis on the recently renovated courts. Wish to stay overnight?

Lupin Lodge Nudist Resort

Lupin Lodge Naturist Retreat Los Gatos | Silicon Valley Nudist Resort

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Lupin Lodge: More Than Just Nudists in Nature

Situated on acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains is Lupin Lodge , a clothing-optional, family-friendly resort. The only area of the resort where nudity is required is the pool, sauna and hot tub area. A trip to Lupin offers a uniquely human experience free from mainstream societal pressures that surround the body. Nude recreation includes swimming, hot tub and sauna, hiking, volleyball, basketball, and tennis.
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