Just need servicing in mikkeli

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Exchange destination: Mikkeli

Finnish cities Joensuu and Mikkeli join PayiQ Ticket service

The restaurant has good food, excellent service if you get the pleasant young man with excellent Finnish skills at least and nice decor. The food has always been good, although I do have to admit I have liked some other restaurants' raitas more than theirs. Nevertheless, it is worth a visit if you like full flavoured and delicious Nepalese food. Two of us, hungry like wolves after full days work and a long drive from Kerava to Mikkeli and still going on till Kuopio. Wanted to have a quick meal, one vegetarian, one "normal".


In the future, self-service lunch lines will provide customers with individualised real-time information on the nutritional value of their meal and guide them in making informed decisions about what they eat. According to a recent user survey, the information provided by the service holds interest for lunch customers and helps them to put together more wholesome lunch meals. Smart lunch lines give customers individualised real-time information on the nutritional value of meals put together at the counter — they indicate, for example, the amount of energy, fibre, fats, carbohydrates and protein contained in the meal. In smart counters, scales placed at each dish position weigh the amount of each individual food added on the plate.
PayiQ Tickets has expanded its portfolio with the Finnish cities of Joensuu and Mikkeli in Finland signing up for the cloud-based mobile payments service. A new generation mobile app that makes buying tickets fast and secure, PayiQ Tickets allows users to order and use tickets and offers an alternative way to pay for travel. As everything can be handled with a mobile phone app there is no longer use for different apps. The PayiQ Tickets app can be used to buy ticket products in various parts of Finland.