Hustler weed plant

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Join me on my journey to heal mind, body and soul. Myth: All Hemp oil products are the same. Ask me I have answers for you!!!


HUSTLERS+HEALERS, Lost Coast Boutique Cannabis Farmers

Cannabis, hemp, marijuana - these words all come loaded with historical baggage and widespread confusion. Cannabis is probably the single plant that offers the widest range of useful functions to humanity. Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants. It was first used over 10, years ago and was one of the first plants spun into a usable fibre.

Hustler Kush seeds

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Hustler Kush is an incredibly powerful Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that is best known for its long-lasting hard-hitting effects. These devious minds sought to create potent strain by crossing Chemdawg 91 with OG Kush. Hustler Kush nugs are often beautiful olive-green nugs that are irregular in shape. These round bulbous flowers are accented with tiny orange hairs and a generous amount of small trichomes. Cracking open a jar of this bud is akin to opening a new bag of gourmet coffee.