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Martorano — who once trafficked tons of marijuana and other illegal substances -- has been reborn as a legal cannabis entrepreneur. The only thing he runs now is a cozy coffee shop, the Hip Hemp Cafe in South Philadelphia, where he serves CBD-infused hot drinks, lollipops, and muffins. Once described by the FBI as a drug kingpin, Martorano has an empire that is small, but he plans to grow it into a chain of 12 shops down the East Coast from Staten Island to Fort Lauderdale. He currently employs five millennials -- none with an Italian last name, he quipped -- within the square-foot retail space just off South Street. The building, on the block of South Seventh Street, is owned by his sister and brother-in-law, records show. Business news and analysis sent straight to your inbox every Tuesday morning.

This Philly hustler, once called a ‘drug kingpin’ and spent 30 years in prison, now owns a CBD cafe

This Philly hustler, once called a ‘drug kingpin’ and spent 30 years in prison, now owns a CBD cafe

It is a sequel of Son of the Mob , written two years previously in Set approximately 2 years after the first book, Vincent Luca drives to university in California, accompanied by best friend Alex Tarkanian and girlfriend Kendra Bightly. In a cross country phone call later on, Vince's older brother Tommy reveals that his suitcase was switched out with the cash due to the FBI searching for it. He also arranges for "Uncle Bignose", one of the Luca's men, to pick up the suitcase at the Kansas City International Airport , which is done with some confusion as well as an accidental carjack. While settling into his dorm, Vincent meets his enthusiastic roommate Trey Sutter, as well as other neighbours and Trey's congressman father William Sutter. Trey also starts dating the fascinating senior Willow Danziger, who then invites them to a fraternity party.

Son of the Mob 2: Hollywood Hustle

We know this figure—we know the swagger, the magnetism, the incandescent ability to work an audience—and yet, Lopez has repurposed and repackaged all her well-honed abilities here as a reminder that before she was known as J. Lo, she was a naturally gifted actress. And perhaps we get one or two montages too many of the high-end shopping and lavish lifestyle these ladies enjoyed with their ill-gotten gains.
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