Hasidic jews masturbate

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Thirteen years ago, after film director Ori Gruder had adopted a religiously observant lifestyle, he encountered the fierce challenge that religion poses to adolescent boys, and men in general. He realized he had no alternative but to do all he could to atone for his many past sins in that area. He speaks of the difficulty this prohibition poses to unmarried men, speaks with rabbis to clarify the reasons for the prohibition, and asks questions of Haredi men to understand how he ought to educate his son in that context. For example, he asks a friend, Rabbi Yisrael Aharon Itzkovitch — a Hasid of the Vizhnitz sect and Haredi from birth — whether he has ever seen sperm. Gruder is surprised to learn that Haredi boys are required to urinate without touching their sexual organs, and that, starting at age 13, every ultra-Orthodox male wears a kind of long, especially wide, underwear that allows him to urinate without touching the penis.

Israeli film breaks ultra-Orthodox taboo on masturbation

Orthodox slowly lifting taboo on female masturbation | The Times of Israel

Filmmaker Ori Gruder explores how ultra-Orthodox Judaism requires boys and men to go against their natural urges in the name of religion. It is a delicate subject which has been taboo since biblical times but now an Israeli documentary has broken new ground by exploring the ultra-Orthodox Jewish ban on masturbation. Sacred Sperm was born from the worries of a religiously observant father, Ori Gruder, who did not know how to talk to his year-old son about the act of masturbation or sex in general. Filmmaker Gruder, who has six children, says he wanted to explore how ultra-Orthodox Judaism requires boys and men to go against their natural urges in the name of religion. Gruder, 44, grew up as a secular Jew but turned to religion at Using this unique perspective, his film sheds light on the specific ways Orthodox Judaism helps people fight the urge to masturbate. In the documentary, one rabbi explains how young boys are taught to urinate without physically touching themselves, and how, from the age of 13, they wear special underwear that lets them pass water freely.

Judaism, Masturbation and Me

While women clearly can and do masturbate, the topic of masturbation in Jewish law refers exclusively to males. Female masturbation normally does not involve emission of fluids, and since that is the focus of most of the discussion in historical texts about male masturbation, so much of what follows will not mention women. The Source of Strength Jews historically shared the abhorrence of male masturbation that characterized other societies.
Is there any rabbinic dispute regarding that? If not, for what reason? Are they prohibited to masturbate? Is there a discussion regarding that?