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Hahn was a recurring character through the show's second and third seasons, and joined the main cast in the fourth season. Prior to assuming the role, Smith observed heart surgery being performed, and admitted to finding the pressure of maintaining a realistic portrayal of a medical professional stressful. The character is presented as highly professional, to the point of being a "workaholic". She is notably hard on Resident Cristina Yang Sandra Oh , admitting that Cristina reminds her of herself as a student.

Exclusive: 'Grey's Anatomy' Discharges Dr. Hahn

Exclusive: 'Grey's Anatomy' Discharges Dr. Hahn |

Erica Hahn is a cardiothoracic surgeon who briefly worked at Seattle Grace Hospital and dated another employee, Callie Torres. When Erica was a child, she had continuous headaches, she went to the doctors and was told she needed glasses. It made no sense to her but on the car journey home, she shrieked because the little green blobs she had been seeing all her life were actually leaves, and she didn't even know she was missing them. When Denny Duquette needed a heart transplant, Burke and Alex came to Seattle Presbyterian, where there were two donors, but their donor flatlined and went to Erica's donor, trying to get the heart for Denny. When Burke called Izzie to see if Denny is on top of the transplant list, Izzie lied and said he was getting worse, but needed the labs to prove it and cut Denny's LVAD wire. Harold O'Malley had a leaking aortic valve, and George originally wanted Burke to perform the procedure since he thought Burke was the best.

Grey's Anatomy has been on the air for a stunning 17 seasons. Usually, characters exit either for story reasons or because of the actor's readiness to move on via Cinema Blend. But one departure left Grey 's fans scratching their heads. During the show's fifth season, cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Erica Hahn, played by Brooke Smith, suddenly walked out of the hospital forever, with seemingly no explanation.
As in Dr. Erica Hahn. But how soon? And what does this mean for Callica?