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This is for all the female desperation fans out there. I came across this desperation story and thought as this blog is called female desperation blog it was fitting to post it. I was out shopping about a year ago in an area where there were many small stores extending a couple of miles along a city street. They were all in their mid twenties. One girl, a blue eyed, blonde who was probably the hottest of the four, was wearing tight, faded blue jeans and a short, white tee-shirt that showed off her totally flat stomach. She wore white tennis shoes.

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The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. Angela was a troublemaker at her old high school, so her parents sent her off to boarding school. Little does she know it is a school where there are no bathrooms, and s Desperate to Pee in a kayak by UnwrittenFire2 2.

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They are both heavily into pissing and wetting and will get their kicks by putting the girls through enforced panties wetting while restrained. There are three parts to this story: Part 1 Before they interview, the hosts, Ian and Amanda provided a lot of food and plenty of drinks of all kinds. All of the 6 girls were feeling anxious, but they made the most of it and tended to stay with long soft drinks rather than shorts and as the 'alcopops' contained a strong diuretic, it suited Ian and Amanda's purposes precisely.
After the phone sex I had with Amanda Miss Johns, my college lecturer we had both promised to refrain from any sexual indulgence until our next arranged meeting the following afternoon. We would be feeling very horny and we had also undertaken to resist relieving our bladders from lunchtime onwards. I was more than happy to agree, "But don't forget! It was as much as I could do to keep my promise even then, in fact, I automatically began to rub myself and would probably been unable to resist a final climax, but my quim was raw from all the attention it had received on the 'phone sex earlier. Here's my paantie pee story: The following morning I awoke finding that I had wet the bed!