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Practical and brilliantly helpful advice on how to give your child clear limits so that they can learn how to behave well. Time out is a vital parenting tool, and in this book parenting expert Diane Levy explains how best to use it in all situations for children of all ages. She believes children must be taught to experience and handle their emotions and they must learn self-discipline. Her two main parenting tenets - emotional support and limit setting - are crucial to an understanding of time out.

Expert Advice for Kids and Piercings, From Tots to Teens

Time Out For Tots, Teens And Everyone In Between by Diane Levy - Penguin Books New Zealand

Can your child dress himself? Can she use the toilet independently? We sat down with Saint Kentigern Preschool Principal, Nikki Joyce, to talk about how learning at a quality preschool can Time to get back to healthy sleep habits The unpredictable nature of our daily lives means that preparing and packing a healthy lunchbox can be a challenging task. Amber Hall shares 10 new and healthier ideas for raising your children. Every kid loves a good playground and Auckland Central has a creative array of swings, pirate ships, splash pads and

Age-by-Age Advice to Nipping Procrastination, from Tots to Teens

Maybe your child drags out the morning routine for a grueling hour, or your grade schooler waits until the last minute to start on a big school project. D, dean of the school of education at Post University in Connecticut. Avoid power struggles by making the job simple.
You know, sometimes kids walk in the door and everything changes. When people are adamant, I recommend they talk to their pediatricians. Getting a piercing is considered a rite of passage for many children and anything new is always a little scary.