Fairy tail drunk episode

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It was bundled along with the Special Edition of Volume 35 of the Manga. Mavis is bored staying alone on Tenrou Island , so she decides to pay the guild a visit, unaware that the Fairy Tail members are going to the beach for a training camp, for which she decides to tag along as well. The group faces a lot of trouble that is caused by Natsu and Gray. That night, the guys get more than they bargained for when the girls get drunk. In response, they come up with a devious plan soon after. Mavis is seen sleeping on a tree branch in Tenrou Island, until she is woken up by an animal.

Naval Battle

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Asked by Wiki User. They are in a play episode 30 and destroy everything. Jellal used the 'bind snake' spell on Erza in episode Yes he does! He likes everyone if Fairy tail but he mostly likes Lucy, Erza and Gray. He may have fights with Gray and Erza but he still likes them, he picks a fight with Gray when he hears Gray say something insulting against him. He picks up fights with Gray more often then with Erza.

Fairies' Training Camp

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