Facial nerve dehiscence fnd

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Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. Wang, Lin, Lee, Tai, L. Three patients 2. The incidence of dural exposure of the mastoid tegmen in the entire surgical group was

[The incidence of facial nerve dehiscence at mastoidectomy and its risk factors]

[Incidence of facial nerve dehiscence in mastoidectomy]

Objective: To describe the incidence and location of the facial nerve dehiscence FND in chronic suppurative otitis media patients with and without cholesteatoma. Methods: patients ears who received canal wall down tympanomastoidectomy due to otitis media ears without cholesteatoma and ears with cholesteatoma were analyzed retrospectively, in which the incidence and locations of FND was studied, and the relevance for FND, clinical features age, disease duration, preoperative facial paralysis and intraoperative findings state of FND and lateral semicircular canal fistula , were analyzed. Results: The presence of FND was The dehiscence was detected


Objective: To study the incidence and locations of facial nerve dehiscence FND in mastoidectomy for the patients with cholesteatoma and chronic otitis media, and to determine its relevance as pre-operative prediction. Method: Three hundred and fifteen ears ears with cholesteatoma and 98 with chronic otitis media undergoing mastoidectomy with or without tympanoplasties were selected for retrospective study, in which the incidence and locations of FND was studied, and the relevance for FND were analyzed by univariate test following by multivariate stepwise logistic regression. Result: The presence of FND was The factors as otogenic facial paralysis, pathologic style cholesteatoma or chronic otitis media and lateral semicircular canal LSC fistula were related to FND, while others factors as sex, age, revision operations, preoperative complications, dural exposure, sigmoid sinus exposure were not risk factors for FND. Conclusion: The incidence of FND was
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