Facial hari facts

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Facial hair is a funny thing. Most young men dream of the day they can grow a face full of fuzz to appear more masculine. Here are six facts about beards that may surprise you. Beardos around the world rejoiced to learn that the study was based on a very small sample size and that the results were far from definitive. In fact, a more comprehensive study that examined swabs taken from bearded male hospital workers revealed that clean-shaven men were three times more likely than bearded men to carry harmful bacteria on their faces. Maintaining a beard in a warm climate may not seem ideal.

15 excellent facts we've learned about beards

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From interesting scientific studies in the lab to beards on the battlefield.. Truth be told, I come across great beard facts all the time. The problem is I find them all over the place.. Today, I decided to put them all together and share my complete collection with you.

10 Strange (But True) Facts About Facial Hair & Shaving

Beards—not only do they help keep men everywhere ruggedly handsome, but they also have some pretty impressive scientific benefits as well. The fashion-statement of beards has withstood the tests of time. Our prehistoric ancestors grew beards for warmth and protection, and in the early s beards made a bold fashion statement for aristocrats, and today, well, beards are just plain cool. In the Victorian era, doctors prescribed beards as a way to prevent illness.
T hink beards are boring? Think again. This list of twenty mind-blowing facial hair facts is going to make you not believe your eyes.