Erin andrews naked shower

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By Chris Pleasance For Dailymail. The stalker who posted naked footage of ESPN presenter Erin Andrews online has explained how he managed to make the film. Michael David Barrett, who was jailed for 20 months after admitting making the film, said he got Andrews' room number after calling from the hotel lobby, before requesting to stay next door to her. Once in the room, he described modifying the peephole in her door with a hacksaw before listening for her to get out of the shower, then filming her with his cell phone. Michael David Barrett said he listened for Erin Andrews pictured in court Tuesday to get into the shower. Once the water stopped he went back to the peephole and filmed her naked with his cell phone.

Erin Andrews' stalker explains how he got room next to ESPN presenter

Why is the Erin Andrews nude video still online?

The jury is set to begin deliberations on Monday. The video at the center of the trial was taken at a Nashville Marriott in by her stalker , Michael Barrett. Andrews discovered its existence online in and was severely disturbed by it. It's going to be on the Internet until I die," Andrews said in her testimony. Since the trial started on February 23, the video has consistently been one of the top searched items on Google and can still be found on various porn sites. Related: Help for 'revenge porn' victims. Google GOOG didn't respond to requests for comment, but it has taken steps to remove non-consensual videos from its search results and from YouTube.

Erin Andrews’s Reaction to Being Stalked and Filmed Nude in the Shower Is Heartbreaking

As a college football reporter for ESPN, Andrews was constantly traveling around the country to do interviews and cover different games. However, one trip to Nashville was all it took to jeopardize not only her career, but her entire sense of security. So close, in fact, that he managed to sabotage her hotel room door peephole and secretly recorded her naked — then posted the footage online for all to see. They went back and verified for me that it was ready, and they checked me into that room. He told the court:.
By Frank Rosario and Danika Fears. Disgraced former insurance executive Michael David Barrett described how he requested a room next to the TV journalist so he could film peephole video of her at a Nashville hotel — easily getting her hotel room number by using a house phone that showed where she was staying. But when he showed up, a hotel employee told him that the room he had requested was unavailable and they were going to put him in a different area, Barrett testified. While waiting for his room, Barrett said he went to the hotel restaurant, where he found a house phone that displays room numbers and called the operator.