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As you may know, in order to be eligible for Adsense or AdExchange , a site cannot display ads on adult search result pages. To fix this problem, tap the powers of SafeSearch! This is a feature for Google Custom Search Engine customers who want more control over their on-site search results. It is a way to filter non-family safe content like adult searches, and potentially offensive content. Many Google customers do not want to display search results for sites that contain adult content.

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For information management, databases offer precise, controlled access to data. But, they do not offer the easy-to-use search capabilities that most knowledge workers manipulate daily on sites such as Google. Access to information contained in databases is more difficult, and more restricted. One solution to this information bottleneck is to let search engines support the brunt of the work, by offloading information from the database into alternative infrastructures, such as that provided by search engine technology. Many business applications such as search, report generation and data analysis might be performed more efficiently on the replicated data without involving the native database technology, e.

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Need help? Check out our Support site , then. Since this cuts the blog off from the tag system and stops it coming up in WordPress searches, I decided after a while to make it visible to search engines. Searches for the content of that page find it, and searches for anything else on the blog are unsuccessful.
With Yandex. To exclude unwanted content from search results, Yandex provides different filtering modes for the documents found:. The Moderate and Family modes exclude unsuitable content from search results quite reliably, but sometimes they may fail or go wrong.