Egyptian sperm temple

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When you think about food and sex, it may seem bit a bizarre to link these two together but their end goal is the same: satiation. There is an urge that needs to be met and through with either one—or more—of our orifices, we are able to become full. Horus and Set binding the plants of Upper and Lower Egypt. For this post, I will be discussing the royal intrigue between two gods, Horus and Set.

Sobek, the Crocodile God of Ancient Egypt

Lettuce and Kings: The Power Struggle Between Horus and Set – Michigan Quarterly Review

Because it has been buried deep in quicksand since it was built, it was well preserved before the French discovered this temple. You can see the papyrus style, palm leaf column and lotus column respectively. After the pictures are saved, they can be used for review after the trip or one day in the future. The front facade is huge and very tough. It feels like this is the best-preserved temple in Egypt. The columns are neat and strong. Horus is the god of death.

When Lettuce Was a Sacred Sex Symbol

The Ptolemaic king stands before Min, the ithyphallic god of fertility, and offers him the eye of Horus. Image via wordpress. But in Ancient Egypt around 2, B.
Min Egyptian mnw [1] is an ancient Egyptian god whose cult originated in the predynastic period 4th millennium BCE. Min's cult began and was centered around Coptos Koptos and Akhmim Panopolis of upper Egypt , [4] where in his honour great festivals were held celebrating his "coming forth" with a public procession and presentation of offerings. Flinders Petrie excavated two large statues of Min at Qift which are now in the Ashmolean Museum and it is thought by some that they are pre-dynastic.