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Calendars are often the glue that keep our busy lives in tact. But what if your organization only needs to consider the business days in your application? Inspired by the multiple community discussions surrounding this topic, Carlos Figueira is back to drop some more PowerApps knowledge on his detailed solution for how you can calculate the number of business days between any two given dates. The DateDiff function allows an app to calculate the difference between two dates — a simple calendar operation. However, in many business applications, one needs to remove weekends when getting the difference — the app needs to know how many business days are between two given dates. There are a few threads in the forums with the same issue, so I decided to write a detailed post with a solution for this problem.

Resident parking zones

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Skip to content. Permits may also be issued for visiting a house or business. You can now apply to renew your resident or business parking permit as normal. All applications received from 25 March are being processed. Any new permits will be extended by the number of days lost due to the lack of enforcement since 25 March You can also buy visitor permits, if they have not been issued in the previous three months.

Residents Parking Permits

If you are already a registered user you can access your existing account here. You can apply for a residents parking permit or visitor parking permits if you live within a parking zone. If you are moving to a new property you must be residing in that property before you can apply for a parking permit. If you are a resident in Zone 17 or 18 your eligibility for permits will be dependant to your access to off-street parking, as stated in the Terms and Conditions see Documents on right-hand side of the page.
Version Description 8. Exemple 1 Exemple avec date. Exemple 3 Exemple avec date et mktime.