Condoms and sperm

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If you use condoms , you probably have questions. And: Should you use a condom during oral sex? Yep, pretty sexy stuff. And now is a good time to mention that nothing can safeguard you against STIs and pregnancy with percent certainty if you have a vagina and are having sex with a person who has a penis. Except, of course, not having sex.

How to use a condom: a step-by-step guide

Can You Get Pregnant With a Condom Even If it Doesn't Break? | SELF

Condoms and other rubber products immobilize sperm, but the mechanism is unknown. Sperm motility and eosin Y exclusion were measured following exposure of samples of semen to latex condoms of various types. Sperm motility was markedly reduced by exposure to all latex condoms, but eosin Y exclusion was unchanged. While there appeared to be some variability between semen samples and in time to complete immobilization of all sperm, condoms from one batch were similar. The immobilizing effect was not altered by prewashing the condom with buffer, chelating agent or acid.

Condom Basics

Condoms are thin pouches that keep sperm from getting into the vagina. There are male condoms and female condoms:. Condoms work by keeping semen the fluid that contains sperm from entering the vagina. The male condom is placed on the penis when it becomes erect. It is unrolled all the way to the base of the penis while holding the tip of the condom to leave some extra room at the end.
Clue is on a mission to help you understand your body, periods, ovulation, and so much more. Start tracking today. Are condoms effective? Are they always necessary? What is the correct way to put one on?