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Sexual stimulation is any stimulus including bodily contact that leads to, enhances and maintains sexual arousal , and may lead to orgasm. Although sexual arousal may arise without physical stimulation , achieving orgasm usually requires physical sexual stimulation. The term sexual stimulation often implies stimulation of the genitals , but may also include stimulation of other areas of the body, stimulation of the senses such as sight or hearing and mental stimulation i. Sufficient stimulation of the penis in males and the clitoris in females usually results in an orgasm.

This Is How Sex Toys Can Fix Painful Sex

30% of Women Say Sex Hurts — This Is How Sex Toys Can Fix That

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. A recent report found that about 7. Data from the United States was even higher — with 30 percent of women saying that sex hurt. There are many reasons for discomfort during sex and the following can all be factors:. So when it comes to treating such pain, there are a variety of options.

Silence, pleasure and agency: sexuality of unmarried girls in Dakar, Senegal

The article investigates the way unmarried Muslim girls in contemporary Dakar construct their sexuality. It explores in what way and to what extent female sexuality is being silenced, and if any, in what way pleasure and sexual agency are present in the narratives of those girls about their intimate lives. This article shows the silencing in a male-centered construction of pre-marital sexuality in Dakar, but also reveals female pleasure and sexual agency. This multi-dimensional understanding of female sexuality of Muslim girls in Senegal provides a more dynamic insight of the power processes surrounding safe sex practices.
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