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It turns out that breast tissue ages faster than the rest of your body, according to a new study published in the journal Genome Biology. No wonder the skin here tends to sag—your girls go through a lot! Not to mention how much they can fluctuate during pregnancy and before your period each month. The only way to save the skin is by moisturizing, says Weiss. She suggests sticking to a one-ingredient approach by rubbing something like organic coconut oil over them. Ask for help at a lingerie shop or department store to find a bra that fits.

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Your mammogram could offer a glimpse at more than just the health of your breasts. It may also provide important clues about your heart. When a radiologist reads a mammogram, she or he sometimes sees little white streaks that look like lines of chalk inside the arteries of your breast. These lines are actually deposits of calcium called arterial calcifications. If you have them, it could mean that you have similar deposits in other arteries inside your body, including those that bring blood to your heart muscle — a known risk factor for heart disease. JoAnn E. Have you ever wondered why your mammography technician wants you to avoid wearing or to remove all traces of deodorant before your mammogram?

Bras Make Breasts Sag, 15-Year Study Concludes

But the reality is that for most of us, for most of our lives, our pair is healthy and normal. Some of us have small breasts, some have large. Some hang low, some sit high. Some are sort of bumpy, and others are smooth.
Our research helps women get the perfect bra fit and find sports bras that support their movement. In the Research Group in Breast Health, we use our expertise in breast biomechanics to improve scientific knowledge of breast health and raise awareness of this aspect of women's health. Our team is responsible for more than half the scientific publications in breast biomechanics worldwide.