Bikini wax strip

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Just Rub, Peel and Go! Specially sized easy to use wax strips for best hair removal results at home. Each box includes two easy to use wax strip sizes for Bikini and Underarm. Quick, simple, effective hair removal at home or on the go for smooth skin for up to 8 weeks. Re-use a Nad's Wax Strip by simply folding the strip in half so that the wax is on the inside. Massage the strip with your fingers, slowly separate the strip and continue waxing.

How to Wax Your Bikini Line at Home – 12 Steps to Nailing It

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Of course, these coronavirus -induced lock-down times have very serious implications for many people — from an inability to work and make money, to distance from loved ones. But one non-essential you may be wondering about, now that the salon is a distant memory, is how to wax your bikini line at home. Running into DIY territory isn't as scary as it sounds. There's plenty of great at-home hair removal kits out there. Not sure where to start? Go for a hot wax kit to get a better grip on your hair. FYI, cold wax strips are better suited to leg hairs because your pubic hair is more coarse and harder to remove from the follicle.

Bikini Wax at Home: A Complete Guide

When waxing your bikini line with strips, there are a few things to know. This will make it easier for the wax to uproot your hair. Next, you should avoid doing it around the time you get your period every month. That's when the skin and nerves in that area will be the most sensitive , and waxing will be the most painful.
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