Belladonna baseball bat in anal torrent

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She explores fetishes such as bondage, huge toys, squirting, feet and big asses. Some kissing and breast play leads into the foot fetish aspect of their time together, which is the focus of this scene. Selena uses her toes on Belladonna's ass once things start to heat up, but then Belladonna takes over by hog-tying Selena with a rope so that she's bound at the ankles. She puts her legs up in the air and goes down on her for quite some time, and with plenty of enthusiasm. After that, Belladonna fucks Selena in the ass with a hefty butt plug and from there she fucks her ass with her toes.

Belladonna baseball bat in anal torrent

Lesbian Belladonna Baseball Bat | Saddle Girls

Belladonna - Fashionistas 1 - Scene 1 with Taylor St. When she was younger, starting out as an year-old, she was also super hot. These early scenes of her are magical and thus deserve to be preserved in the best possible quality - ripped straight from the original DVDs and deinterlaced with QTGMC - a deinterlacing process that is super slow but preserves more detail than even the best DVD players I've seen. Quality varies according to the DVD source quality, but all these encodes should have the best quality available.

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