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Instead, the pageant will be canceling its infamous swimsuit competition, and supposedly will no longer judge women on their body size or physical appearance; this opens the way to "women of all shapes and sizes," Good Morning America's Amy Robach specified, "because typically we see swimsuit-ready bodies up on that stage. That's huge. And that means we will no longer have a swimsuit competition. As you might guess from the not-so-helpful nature of that last comment what happens if you put the swimsuit on before your body is "swimsuit-ready?

Swimsuit competition

Getting Rid of the Swimsuit Contest Won't Save Beauty Pageants

W hen the Miss America Organization announced on Tuesday that its namesake contest is eliminating its swimsuit competition , some fans and former contestants alike welcomed the move as a sign of progress and liberation from a mode of judging women on their looks. In fact, though Miss America started specifically as a swimsuit competition, that format was then considered by some to be liberating for participants. The first such event, held in in Atlantic City, N. This was a moment in history when the sportswear industry was booming amid the rise of middle-class leisure time and tourism, which was in part a product of the establishment of the hour work week. It was considered liberating for women to be free to show off bare limbs in a swimsuit, when even a trip to the beach had long required respectable American women to dress modestly. Cosmetics were not acceptable before this time period; only actresses and prostitutes wore makeup. Even the tanned skin that endures for some as part of a typical pageant look was part of that larger historical change.

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On Tuesday morning came the news that the oldest beauty pageant in America is no longer a beauty pageant. Nearly years after the first Miss America contest took place in Atlantic City — back then, the ladies wore one-pieces closer to burkinis than bikinis — the organization has said so long to the bathing suit competition. Carlson is the perfect person to lead Miss America through this transformation. She won the crown herself in and went on to a career at Fox News, where she laid the groundwork for the MeToo movement, blowing the whistle on Roger Ailes long before there were headlines about Harvey Weinstein.
A swimsuit competition , more commonly now called a bikini contest , is a beauty contest which is judged and ranked while contestants wear a swimsuit , typically a bikini. One of the judging criteria is the physical attractiveness of the contestants. The Big Four international beauty pageants have included examples of such a competition.