Asian posture study

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Orletsky , Jonathan D. Pollack , Kevin L. Pollpeter , Angel Rabasa , David A. Shlapak , Abram N. Shulsky , Ashley J.

Asian Posture Study 2

Amateur Indian Porn: Asian Posture Study

Background Office workers spend a long period of time behind a computer during working hours. The relation between the posture of sitting during work with computer and neck pain is still debatable. Even though some researchers claim a significant difference in head posture between patients with neck pain and pain-free participants, the FHP forward head posture has not always been associated with neck pain in literature. So, the purpose of this study was to discover the relationship between neck pain and improper posture in the head, cervicothoracic spine and shoulders. Methods: This was a cross-sectional study to explore the relationships between neck pains, sagittal postures of cervical and thoracic spine and shoulders among office workers in two positions, straight looking forward and working position.

Asian Posture Study

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The article suggests that bodily postures among indigenous populations result in better spine health in those societies compared with that of Western peoples — in this case, Americans — who are argued to have poorer posture due to less strenuous lifestyles. Nobody has done a study on traditional cultures to see why some have lower rates of back pain, he says. Nobody has even documented the shape of their spines. It may be true that no singular, comprehensive cross-cultural study of posture in relation to reduced levels of back pain exists, but anthropologists have determined that humans are capable of at least 1, body positions see The Anthropology of Posture , available at Scientific American.